Reasonable rates and fast service.

If you own a decent monitor it's better to have it repaired than to replace it with one of the poorly made units available today.

At one time monitor and especially terminal repair services was the largest source of income for our company. The terminal business has been replaced in almost all situations but there are still plenty of them in use. We have found that it's getting harder to find companies that will still perform this type of repair.    

We specialize in terminal repairs including the keyboards. We have plenty of parts and can do the job quickly. In most cases we can provide a loner until the repair job is complete. This is usually offered at no extra charge.

So before giving up on a good piece of equipment let us give you a quote.


Save money by getting your equipment repaired.

Today most monitors are so cheaply made that they first show a poor quality picture and just are not going to last much past the warranty period if they make it that long. It seems easy enough to just toss them and pick up another inexpensive monitor. Things are changing and the choices for disposal are getting harder.

The EPA has recently enacted laws covering used monitors and they now are treated as hazardous material. These units will now need to be recycled. Soon it will be totally illegal to throw a monitor away and environmental firms will begin charging high disposal fees. So the monitor can now be a source of problems with the authorities. This is why we believe repair service will continue to be a source of income for years to come.